In my travels around the world, I found colorful gemstones, in their colors, happiness and a passion to design. Out of this passion, Feimom’s emerged as a brand.

The founder, Sara Kum, believes that when stones are given their unique space to shine, they inspire the wearer and instill happiness. The compliments every girl, woman gets empowers her to tap into her inner power and step out boldly.

We underscore this belief in our designs, with exuberant colors to make you stand out in the crowd, create earth joy, and connect you to the powerful happy place in you.

Each piece is a unique combination of thoughts with its own sense of identity and quality. It is your compliment already waiting the moment you step out the door.

We use the highest quality beads and gemstones collected from around the world.

Find your treasure at Feimom’s and enjoy it for years.

Creating to inspire you to find your happy space and step out in confidence.