Multi-color Tear-Drop Gemstones Drop Earrings

For a romantic and laidback casual look, add some fun accessories that complement your lifestyle and taste in fashion just like our Multi-color Tear-Drop Gemstones Drop Earrings. This gorgeous pair boasts of beautiful, tear-shaped multi-layered colors in fun shades of pink and purple, and gold-plated square-shaped hoop closure. Unique and handcrafted with top notch creativity, the Multi-color Tear-Drop Gemstones Drop Earrings perfectly complement flowy, billowy beach dresses and sandals. 

  • Drop earrings with gemstones
  • Featuring tear-drop, multi-colored gemstones and square-shaped hoop closure
  • Handcrafted in the US using high-quality materials
  • Perfect for casual and business wear

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