Yellow Gemstones Long Beaded Versatile Necklace

Our Yellow Gemstones Long Beaded Versatile Necklace is a fashion must-have for women who want to feel instantly glam and polished effortlessly. This long beaded necklace features yellow semi-precious gemstones, gold beads with rhinestone details, 14k gold setting and side clasp closure. Handcrafted with topnotch craftsmanship and high-quality materials, this long beaded necklace is, indeed, versatile and can be worn three ways: as a long drop, two-tier necklace or as an accent belt.

  • Long beaded necklace
  • Handcrafted with high-quality materials
  • Features semi-precious gemstones, 14k gold setting, and side clasp closure
  • Can be worn 3 ways
  • Measures 19-38" in length

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