Multi-Colored Long Beaded Necklace

Looking for a fashion accessory to instantly upgrade your wardrobe without splurging on new ones? We recommend investing in quality fashion accessories for an instant wardrobe makeover that doesn't break the bank. Our stunning Multi-Colored Long Beaded Necklace is made with semi-precious gemstones with marbled design patterns that promote positive vibes to the wearer, gold accent bead studded with rhinestones, 14k gold setting, and side clasp closure. Wear this versatile long beaded necklace long, two-tier/layered drop, or as an accent belt for your dress or tunic.
  • Handcrafted in the US with high-quality materials
  • Long beaded necklace 
  • Wear as it is or in two layers 
  • Can be worn as a belt
  • Features semi-precious gemstones and 14k gold setting and side clasp closure
  • Measures 19-38" in length

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